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Many people dream of a different life style, from escaping to live in the country to starting your own business. Big dreams or little dreams - we only have one life in which to fulfil them (with all due respect given to those who believe in re-incarnation). Wanderen : Explaining the word Over the years I have become more and more dissatisfied with my life in the England, too many niggling things have eventually driven me away from the normal lifestyle most people enjoy, whether it be the Big Brother attitude of successive governments (with everything from the excessive plethora of speed cameras, to the noses that now poke into every single aspect of your life) to the changes in British society that I have witnessed during my few years of truly conscious observation.

I have no desire to sound like a younger version of Victor Meldrew - but these changes have removed almost all the pleasure of living in the England for me, I now look forward to returning with a rather unreasonable dread. Unreasonable, because it is largely due to a growing paranoia that 'they are out to get me'. Paranoia that has developed because of a whole host of reasons - Living in England as a 'normal citizen' is now actually quite hard ! : Which ever way I turn I am deluged with mountains of paperwork over even the simplest of things, Health and Safety have bubble-wrapped the entire population,The Police have Carte Blanche to shoot you in the head if you look remotely like a known terrorist suspect .... I could go on and on... (and probably will extend this rant in the blog).... But that is not really what this site is about.

For those of you whom have stuck with me so far : this site is really about breaking the mold of conventional lifestyles. It will have a lot of personal experience input, quite a lot of personal discovery and historical attempts to 'bust out'. It will cover the sublime, mundane and ridiculous. Disasters,triumphs and, I hope contain a few laughs. We may well cover a lot of ground together, and I hope you will find that you feel able to add your own feelings and relate stories of your experiences to this site. Advice is not a bad word - we never stop learning.

On Top of the World !

Sometimes - being on top of the world is not as hard as you would think.

Wanderen is a 'slow burn' project of mine - it will grow over time ! And with your contributions, I hope it grows into something relay worthwhile and useful. - so please do not hesitate to get involved.

S.J. 17/08/2008

Campsites ('Camp Sites') that we have already visited include:

Camping Pinar San Jose in Andalusia , España (Spain)
Zahora. 17- Barbate 11159 (Cadiz)
Andalusia , España (Spain)
Tel : (+34) 956 43 70 30
Fax : (+34) 956 43 71 74
Email : info@campingpinarsanjose.com
Web : http://www.campingpinarsanjose.com
Map : LAT: 36° 12' 03.05" N / LONG: 06° 02' 06.23" W
Camping La Sierrecilla in Andalusia , España (Spain)
Avda. De Blas Infante
29531 - Humilladero
Malaga, Andalusia , España (Spain)
Tel : (+34) 951 19 90 90 / (+34) 693 82 81 99
Email : campinglasierrecilla@gmail.com
Web : http://www.lasierrecilla.com
GPS: 37.108518 -4.695625
Las Cañadas ( Las Canadas ) in Hervás (Hervas), España (Spain)
Ctra. Nac. 630, km 432, (Cruce con Hervás)
Baños de Montemayor (Banos de Montemayor)
10750 Cáceres (Caceres)
España (Spain)
Tel : (+34) 927 48 11 26 / (+34) 927 48 13 14
Web : http://www.campinglascanadas.com
Turiscampo near Espiche, Algarve, Portugal
Estrada Nacional 125 8600-109
Espiche, (Near Praia da Luz) Lagos
Tel : (00351) 282 789 265
Fax : (00351) 282 788 578
Email : info@turiscampo.com
Reservations : reservas@turiscampo.com
Web : http://www.turiscampo.com
Camping Monaco Parc in Longny au Perche, France
Route de Monceaux
61290 Longny au Perche
Tel : (+33) 233 735 959
Fax : (+33) 233 257 756
Email : info@campingmonacoparc.com
Web : ttp://www.campingmonacoparc.com
Camping le Futuriste near Poitiers , France
Tel. (+33)5 49 52 47 52
Fax. (+33)5 49 37 23 33
Web : http://www.camping-le-futuriste.fr
Le camping LARROULETA near St Jean de Luz , France
210, route de Socoa
64122 Urrugne
Tel : 05 59 47 37 84
Fax 05 59 47 42 54
E-mail : info@larrouleta.com
Website : http://www.larrouleta.com
Hele Valley Holiday Park near Ilfracombe, Devon
Hele Bay
North Devon
EX34 9RD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1271 862460
Fax: +44 (0) 1271 867926
E-mail : holidays@helevalley.co.uk
Web : http://www.helevalley.co.uk
Ayr Holiday Park in St.Ives, Cornwall, UK Higher Ayr
TR26 1EJ
United Kingdom
Tel : +44 (0)1736 795 855
Fax: +44 (0)1736 798 797
Email : recept@ayrholidaypark.co.uk
Web : http://www.ayrholidaypark.co.uk

Trevalgan Touring Park (Part of Ayr Holiday Park) in St.Ives, Cornwall, UK Trevalgan Farm
TR26 3BJ
Tel : +44 (0)1736 792 048
Email : recept@trevalgantouringpark.co.uk
Web : http://www.ayrholidaypark.co.uk/touring-park.php

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Middle English : Wanderen,from Old English Wandrian.
1. To move about without a definite destination or purpose.
2. To go by an indirect route or at no set pace; amble: wander toward town
-verb (used with object)
3. to wander over or through: to roam the countryside.
4. The act or an instance of wandering; a stroll.

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